Federal Government to License Rock Picks

Lithosphere (April 1996); Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society, Inc.; Fallbrook, CA

As part of a sweeping set of new federal regulatory guidelines, the U.S. Congress has created an office within the Department of the Interior to license and register public ownership of rock hammers. The legislation, signed into law on November 31 of last year, established the National Rock Hammer Registry (NRHR) for this purpose. NRHR Director, Aprile J. Ester, stated that, starting January 1, the public will be required to register all currently-owned and newly purchased rock hammers by completing a form obtainable from gem and mineral dealers. A completed form must include an inked imprint of the hammer's "striking surface" and profile of the hammer's head.

The next time you visit your local gem and mineral dealer, be sure to ask for a copy of the federal rock hammer registration form.

[Ed. Note: Yes, this article is an April Fool's joke.]

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